The Islamists Are Coming: Who They Really Are

The Middle East: They’ve Arrived

By Robin Wright
The Islamists are not only coming. In several countries, they’ve already arrived. Others are primed to take prominent roles down the road. Altogether, Islamist movements are today the most dynamic political force across the Arab world—and they may well be for the next decade or longer.
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Islam: The Democracy Dilemma

By Olivier Roy
The long-standing debate about Islam and democracy has reached a stunning turning point. Since the Arab uprisings began in late 2010, political Islam and democracy have become increasingly interdependent. The debate over whether they are compatible is now virtually obsolete. Neither can now survive without the other.
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Islamist Groups: Parties and Factions

By Annika Folkeson
Islamist groups in the Arab world are diverse in their political agendas, goals, and activities and thus defy simple categorization. But several trends and common denominators have emerged in the early twenty-first century.
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The Chronology of Political Change

By Cyana Chilton
The 22 nations of the Arab world—stretching from North Africa across the Levant into the Gulf—have witnessed unprecedented protests since December 2010. In the first 10 months, the four leaders of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen – who together had ruled for a total of 129 years – were overthrown by popular uprisings. But change continued to rumble across the region.
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The following chronologies outline key dates and developments over the first two years in several countries:

  • Egypt
  • Tunisia
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Bahrain

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The Islamists Are Coming is the first book to survey the rise of Islamist groups in the wake of the Arab Spring.  Often lumped together, the more than 50 Islamist parties with millions of followers now constitute a whole new spectrum—separate from either militants or secular parties.  They will shape the new order in the world’s most volatile region more than any other political bloc. Yet they have diverse goals and different constituencies. Sometimes they are even rivals.

The Islamists Are Coming

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